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Sugar Land, TX

The Team

Ray & Tracy Horvath, Owners, Pet Sitters

Tracy Horvath
At a very early age Tracy had a desire to be a veterinarian. Though life charted a different course she has found herself back with her first love. After attending University of Oklahoma Tracy moved to Dallas and built a career in I.T. and Data Center Management, advancing to the position of Director at a Fortune 1000 company. At the height of her career, Tracy was suddenly stricken with a disabling illness that brought about a major life change. She relocated to Sugar Land after remarrying in 2011 and pursued a part time job pet sitting with Awesome Pawz to aid her rehab and to pursue her life long passion, pet care. In late 2012 Tracy and her husband took over ownership of Awesome Pawz Pet Care and have infused it with thier unique energy, love for animals and superior customer service.
Ray Horvath
Ray's years of experience span 40 years through various companies in management, marketing, sales and finance. His entrepreneurial drive also guided him through starting and operating several successful small businesses. He has made a career of leveraging resources and relationships to deliver value and superior service to his customers. A love for pets, especially big dogs, and a passion to reintroduce a personalized, elite client service is a burning desire. Ray saw a unique gift in his wife and business partner; an uncanny connection with animals. The merging of this gift with his marketing background launched the "new" Awesome Pawz Pet Care in November 2012 when they took over the company. 
Leigh Anne Horvath

Leigh Anne works part time dog walking and pet sitting with Awesome Pawz Pet Care. She currently teaches Seventh Grade Math and Coaches Junior High sports in the Sugar Land area. Her ultimate goal is to finish her Masters in Physical Education. Leigh Anne grew up with the family pet and watch dog, Koda, a black Akita, and several cats. Leigh Anne's duties also include most of the company's house sitting services that require overnight stays with pets who may require extra attention.
Kara Hoffa
Kara brings great experience and a fresh perspective to Awesome Pawz Pet Care. At the age of 15 Kara was working for a veterinary clinic while in high school and by age 20, at an animal emergency clinic when she entered college. Though she wasn’t able finish her graduate work at Iowa State University Veterinary school, her love for animals never left her. After several years in the business sector she decided to step out and start a pet-sitting business in her hometown in Iowa. A truly challenging move since she would be the first and only pet sitting and dog walking service in town. Kara’s business was very successful, grew and expanded in the area, and built a strong base of experience with not only cats and dogs, but with birds and reptiles as well. She can give medications, shots and sub-q fluids. Kara’s husband accepted a job in Minnesota and later here to Sugar Land, leading her to close her thriving business in 2007.

Awesome Pawz Pet Care LLC
Mission Statement

We offer our customers peace of mind and confidence. Confidence that we will take the best care of their pets, follow the owners’ wishes, protect their pets and watch over them, develop relationships with them and protect the owner's home to the extent that we are able.

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